Ensure Your Baby’s Health With Eco-Friendly Wool


Eco friendly sheep skin wools have shown a growing popularity among parents of infants and toddlers. They are made exclusively from the skin of New Zealand sheep. They outweigh other sheep skins as they are not treated with harsh chemicals that hamper babies’ health. These are extremely fine materials, trimmed and polished smartly so as to resist even the dry and tumble washes. They can be even dried in the sun. The tanning treatment is carried out by sophisticated techniques, and combed over and over again to enhance the natural lustre of the sheep’s wool. The baby sheepskin rug or carpet is super soft and its natural fibres are embellished with fine feathers. The baby fur products should comply with the limits and standards of the product safety commission, as shown herehttps://www.cpsc.gov/Regulations-Laws–Standards/Statutes/The-Consumer-Product-Safety-Improvement-Act/ to ensure safety and allergen-free products.

More research into sheepskin benefits on health

The eco wool is used in infant bedding, rugs and baby blankets and is designed to calm your child. These will delight your child as it has ultra-comfort and elegance. The feathers are designed to be soft and supple while the texture is designed to increase the warmth inside the bedding. Soft wool-fibres keep babies warm and cosy in cold weather. It retains moisture in summers thereby keeping it cool. In fact, these are highly resistant to bacteria and other fungal spores to breed inside them. Hence, sheepskin provides not only comfort but also prevents the dampened breeding rooms to invade microbes. The crib or bassinets even look luxurious if cuddled with these blankets and duvets. Researches point out the fact that, babies who sleep on animal skins are less likely to develop asthma. They are allergen free materials that prevent the growth of bacteria.

A sheep skin is a soft and chemical free cloth and is well suited to regulate the temperature of the body. Of course, it is a natural thermostat which also reverses effects during summers. Some babies are vulnerable to immune responsive diseases. The researchers have been able to find that animal fur loaded with microbes bolster the immune system and keeps infants stay resistant to sneeze and wheeze at nights. The theory if further researched could provide validation to the hygiene hypothesis established long back that babies who are allowed exposure to micro-organisms at the younger stage develop an immune system stronger than the usual in the later life.

Eco wool or so-called nursery rugs are devoid of foreign or organic materials and have minimal fibre loss. Sterilization techniques of this wool involve a standard purification technique named ‘Sanitise’ method. Lanolin, which is found in human skin, is also a composition of the sheep skin and this can help to heal a wound or inflammation and rashes occurring on skin. Lanolin also has a self-cleaning activity when freely displaced in the air. Winter falls are a tough time for most of the mothers to look after their babies without catching a cold or fever. Moreover, extreme climates do not favour adequate sleep to them. The products of sheepskin are suitable to provide ease and warmth to babies while asleep.

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